Seven Candles

Science for a Deeper Spirituality

JD Stillwater in his Seven Candles does an incredible job taking us on a one-hour journey through the origins of space and time, the beginnings of life, down to our very selves, instilling a sense of awe and wonder every step of the way.

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Seven Candles is a heart-filled weaving of the “day language” of scholarship with the “night language” of myth and metaphor. Seven Candles is a World Story of creation, flow, and emergence; vastness, emptiness, and oneness; told in the spirit of science and awe.

J.R. Harrisburg, PA

Thanks for the presentation today at UCH, it was really entertaining, informative, and made me extremely glad to be at church today.

J.R. Harrisburg, PA

You should take this presentation to every national legislature on the face of the globe. It might nudge the world toward a more peaceful, collaborative, and less rancorous way of life.

S.R. Harrisburg, PA

The presentation for me was so fresh and unifying, in this time of rhetoric and division. Science is a truth seeking, it seems that it would be naturally compatible with spiritual truth seeking; I love that science and mystery are not at odds with each other.

L.G. Durham, NC

Your presentation shows we are all interconnected and so vast….beyond our wildest imaginations. We all have a responsibility to recognize this beauty and help sustain it.

K.M. Cleveland, OH

Seven Candles was informative and inspiring. JD is reverent, enthusiastic, and able to explain complex ideas simply and with humor. I felt uplifted and hopeful about my life, my relationships with others, and my own sense of spirituality.

K.W. Bowerston OH

Seven Candles helps build mental bridges between scientific concepts that are naturally difficult for human beings to grasp, and, in a refreshing move away from some similar presentations, does so in a way that is impartial to the viewer’s religious faith (or lack thereof).

D.B. Harrisburg PA

Beyond Words!

J.T. Cleveland OH

What a treat to see/hear JD Stillwater’s Seven Candles presentation: it is mind-blowing, enriching and so well-delivered! Jump at the chance to catch it; Schedule it for your communities in a heartbeat!

J.W. Cleveland OH


Seven Candles helped me in seeing further the interconnectedness of the Universe. It will expand what you know and understand about
the natural world, the seen and the unseen. JD’s presentation is part of the cutting edge, the merge that is now happening between science and spirituality. Uplifting, inspiring and mind-blowing!

A.V. Durham NC

Awesome presentation on life’s truths and invisibilities and the space between. Everyone should take a look at these ideas.

C.H. Virginia Beach VA

A friend’s blog about his Seven Candles experience.

My daughter loved the presentation you did at TCS; she talked about that for days…

A.S. Harrisburg, PA

Seven Candles — thrilling fusion of spirituality and science! Thank you JD for pulling it all together. Your presentation was mesmerizing and paradigm shifting. I am in awe.

M.S.H. Harrisburg, PA

It was a fantastic, engaging, thought provoking, entertaining and awe-inspiring hour!

D.K. Harrisburg, PA

JD, you rock!!! I loved your talk today. Thank you!

K.H.E. Harrisburg, PA

JD, I sure was ‘taken’ by what I heard/saw… Good Stuff, and provocative…

R.G. Harrisburg, PA

Today I am awestruck. This morning JD Stillwater led an amazing church service about understanding scientific truths to find a deeper spirituality. Our world is amazing.

W.S. Harrisburg, PA

What a wonderfully stimulating presentation! [Our family] revisited the various aspects of your presentation throughout the rest of the day, as it provided loads of fodder for contemplation and conversation. I’m sure that it’s just the tip of the iceberg! You did a fantastic job engaging your audience and unblocking barriers to opening our minds. Thanks again!

S.F. Harrisburg, PA

It was incredibly moving and profound, really a pinnacle spiritual experience for me.  I had tears welling up for most of the second half of the hour.  The ovation you received, while the longest I can remember in the church, fell far short of the impact your words and images had on me, my family and, I’m sure, many more in the church.

J.H. Harrisburg, PA

It’s hard for me to put into words how grateful I was to be there; I don’t believe I have ever before witnessed such an outstanding, thought-provoking presentation.

S.H. Harrisburg, PA

JD, you are phenomenal – thank you for sharing your amazingness and insight with us. You changed my life.

Anon. Virginia Beach, VA

This presentation in Harrisburg was phenomenal – inspiring and spiritual all while taking us through a deeply engaging history of science. Loved every moment!!

L.F.E. Harrisburg, PA

Very interesting and thought-provoking. Thank you!

Anon. Harrisburg, PA

Phenomenal presentation. All humans need this!

Anon. Virginia Beach, VA

Amazing, enlightening, inspirational!

B.H. Harrisburg, PA

The most profound truth/sermon I’ve ever heard.

M.M. Harrisburg, PA

Fabulous! Will be thinking about this for a long time…

Anon. Harrisburg, PA

Best service I’ve experienced in a church-like environment. Thanks!

C.Y.L. Harrisburg, PA

Maybe the big bang was (one of) God’s zygote(s)!

J.R. Harrisburg, PA

Thich Nhat Hahn: “Can you see the sunshine within the cookie?”

Anon. Harrisburg, PA

Just mind-blowing, science made relevant, we are all energy, we are all connected. Wonderful, JD, thank you.

S.M. Harrisburg, PA

I have felt what you presented tonight without the words you used. Thank you for putting something complex/simple as life into perspective and with validity.

F.M. Lebanon, PA

I have been a huge science buff since my early teenage years. I was (am) a huge fan of Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, and many others as I can tell you are. It’s great to see you exhibiting the same concepts and enthusiasm that fired my imagination as a young man. Thank you!

B.D. Lebanon, PA

I have been into science, consciousness, evolution, quantum mechanics, etc. for a long time. This gathering is terrific and very appreciated! There are so many answers when looked at from this standpoint.

S.M. Lebanon, PA

It warms my heart to see this going on, and to be a part of this event. You are part of the flow of change that is ever-present right now. Your work is important and you have my support.

Z.S. Lebanon, PA

Very interesting and complex. Great well-rounded philosophy that clarifies spirituality.

Anon. Elkins, WV

Mysterious and humbling. Mindboggling!

Anon. Elkins, WV

Your Seven Candles presentation was incredible; I’ve been thinking about it all week. I love how you see the world with such a wise eye, and I love your passion for science.

M.M. Rural Retreat, VA

Good presentation, very clearly demonstrates the connection between science and spirituality.

Rev. S.W. Columbus, OH

I just wanted you to know how much value I took from your talk. I especially liked the way you somehow made more concrete the interconnectedness of us all. By the end of the talk, I felt tears welling up, I think from a feeling of awe.

K.E.W Juniata, PA

I’ve known JD Stillwater for nearly 3 decades and each time I am around him, I am more and more impressed with his mind and his mission. This introduction to his Seven Candles program speaks to the heart of me that loves science and yet continues to seek understanding of the things beyond what science can explain. His rational approach and engaging speaking style make that exploration enjoyable!

BJKT Washington, DC

I really enjoyed the 7 Candles presentation this past Friday. It illustrated the point of time being an illusion because 1.5 hours seemed like only a few minutes. As a formally trained and published scientist, I understood all the astronomy, physics and earth science presented. It was thorough and succinct. As a formally trained Yogi, I immediately recognized the link you were making between science and spirituality.

SPH New Cumberland, PA

Best service I have been at at any house of worship.

D. Harrisburg, PA

Blown away by JD’s Seven Candles presentation tonight at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury! I would highly recommend him to DREs looking for Neighboring Faiths content AND to ANYONE seeking to broaden their view of our world! My personal feelings about spirituality have certainly been expanded thanks to JD!

Darlene Anderson-Alexander, DRE, UUCD Danbury, CT

Best sermon ever. Thank you. Thank you.

Anon. Rockville, MD

Keep up this excellent and needed presentation!

Anon. Rockville, MD

Astonishing and most definitely edifying. Amazed by how clearly you presented complicated science and carefully laid a path that kept opening and opening up my mind to greater understanding and that resonated with me spiritually, too. The whole presentation was elegantly and intelligently woven. Thank you.

J.P. Harrisburg, PA

Excellent and inspiring – a synthesis.

M.R. York, PA

Awesome and awe inspiring. A real eye and soul opener.

N.H.. York, PA

Great job in raising the beauty and awe of what science is teaching us.

Anon. Rockville, MD

Most interesting…connecting all that I learned in high school, parochial school, religious class & life! Putting together what I’ve always thought; “We truly ARE all connected!” The last candle was so beautiful. This needs to be presented in schools.

J.J. Uhrichsville, OH


R.M. York, PA

What you shared blows my mind…simultaneously fathomable AND unfathomable (at least for right now). I had many revelations and associations come into my awareness as I experienced Seven Candles…and I am sure more will come as I continue to process.

A.S. Harrisburg, PA

I love the universe.

C.H. Lebanon, PA