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New links in Go Deeper

SO much is happening in the micro-biome field! Added a few links in Go Deeper, under the One section. Check it out.

Definitely “we”!

Amazing Radiolab program today about how bacteria inside us influence our moods and thoughts. Also linked at the Go Deeper tab, under One. Have a listen:

Midtown Scholar Went Great

Big thanks to all who helped promote the Midtown Scholar event! We had over 70 people, mostly folks I knew already, but some who had heard about it and just came to see. Keep sharing, and keep “lighting candles.”

Harrisburg This Weekend!

Finally presenting in my own home town this Sunday morning! Gonna be great. We have a team of people helping with all the logistics for the two locations, and we’re ready to roll. Leave a comment about what you are … Continued

Cleveland Rocks!

Wow! I had SUCH a good time presenting at Heights Christian Church last Sunday. The room was full, the questions were thoughtful, and the comments were inspiring. I can’t wait to come back to northeast Ohio. Big thanks to Kathie, … Continued