Seven Candles

Science for a Deeper Spirituality

Who Is JD?

JD Stillwater is a science educator, writer, and musician. Seven Candles springs from his love of science and his tendency to care more about implications than conventions. What he brings to the global conversation is a gift for making difficult science concepts graspable for non-scientists, but then to take us further into the deeper mysteries that those concepts engender.

A graduate of Cornell University, JD is a full-time staff member at The Circle School in Harrisburg, PA (an astounding institution; if you have thought that there must be a better way to do school, check it out!) For many years now, the school’s voters (students and staff) have elected JD to serve as the school’s Medical Officer and Facilities Manager, in addition to his self-chosen work in Science, Math, Music and other student-interest groups. In other words, JD wears a lot of hats at school, and that suits his shiny-bald head pretty well. Best part: treating kids like people, in a community that also regards them as free and responsible citizens.

JD is married to his graciously-supportive (and patient) spouse Ann (30 great and growing years). They have two children, both now grown and pursuing their own passions. JD plays drums and percussion, performing here and there with a few singer-songwriters as they pass through central PA. Best part: nailing a song on stage with no rehearsal, then laughing together with delight.

JD authored the children’s picture book Before The Beginning: A Child’s First Book of the Great Story, illustrated by two students. He hopes you’ll buy one, here. Best part: the wide-eyed look kids get when they realize what a noble and ancient family they spring from.

In 1986, JD and several hundred close friends walked from Los Angeles to Washington DC to call for an end to the nuclear arms race. The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament was pivotal in JD’s life, in more ways than could be counted. It’s amazing how little things can sequentially add up to big changes! Best part: meeting Ann.

Then, in the summer of 1987, JD was one of 200 Americans who joined 200 Soviets to walk from Leningrad to Moscow on the American-Soviet Walk. Some Russian historians credit that walk (particularly the events in Novgorod) with pushing “dominoes” that eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Best part: playing drums for 50,000 people in the first-ever outdoor rock concert inside the Soviet Union.

JD writes sporadically (on his blog, below) about whatever seems profound, helpful, or inspiring at the time, which for several years has meant Cosmology, Anti-Racism, Education, Long-term Thinking, Reconciliation, and Spirituality.

JD’s other interests include hiking, public speaking, dancing with Ann, poetry, drum circles, travel, a good belly laugh so hard you can’t breathe, managing money, building and fixing things, technology, making kettle corn, connecting people, couch-surfing, reading Science magazines, reading great poems, and writing mediocre ones.

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