Seven Candles

Science for a Deeper Spirituality

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Future Generations

This quote comes from a TEDx talk by my friend Victor Lopez-Carmen. He asks a great question, and it prompts a more basic one: DO you love future generations? Do you even think about them? What perversion of our culture … Continued


  He warned me. They all did. “Once you’ve seen one,” they said with laughing eyes, “you’ll be chasing eclipses, too, for the rest of your life!” That was months ago, at a talk given by Bob Naeye–former editor-in-chief of … Continued


by singer-songwriter Peter Mayer, whose music inspired many aspects of Seven Candles. Peter gave this sermon at a Unitarian Universalist church in California, but his thoughts relate to anyone seeking to reconcile science, spirituality, and religion. Quoted here by permission.  … Continued

Inauguration Rumination

I gave a talk at church this morning that connects Seven Candles themes to world politics. Check it out. The text of it is on my blog, Run Deep.

A Love-Based Faith

From Religious Naturalist Mark Hoelter.

Love Something

Ultimately, it all comes down to Love. Not romantic or sexual love, though that’s part of it, but an embracing of all that is with our whole hearts, informed by our minds. Reason in service of Love.

Artist with a Science Muse

A friend met the artist, Ann Erpino, and was reminded of Seven Candles. The artist seemed interested in Seven Candles as well. That’s enough for me! Her beautiful work is here: and a sampling of it is here: