Seven Candles

Science for a Deeper Spirituality

This is a special time in history, a time when discoveries by the scientific community are challenging our perceptions of reality. As in Galileo's time, we can choose to experience these new-found truths as obstacles in our spiritual paths, or we can embrace them, striding towards a deeper, more connected life.

The "Seven Candles" are direct expressions of well-established scientific and cosmological phenomena. They are also seven deeply spiritual truths. Seven Candles is NOT string theory, or new age speculations from quantum mechanics. It's not "proof of God," or "proof there's no God." Just science, described in a way that deliberately uncovers, emphasizes, and embraces the spiritual implications of these scientific discoveries.

Seven Candles is a click talk, similar to a TED™ talk, lasting about an hour.

Seven Candles may change your view of life, reality, and what it means to live in this amazing universe.

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